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Our Background

Pristine Clean Solutions LLC is a Veteran and Family owned and operated business that serves Clarksville TN and surrounding areas. With years of experience doing the dreaded PCS Military moves, owners James and Jessica became experts in ensuring a home is CLEAN! Upon moving to Clarksville, they decided to take their expertise, and attention to detail to the next level; from this Pristine Clean was born.


But Pristine Clean was more than just a name or a cleaning company, the word "Pristine" soon became a core value in their business. With over 15 years in the Clarksville TN area, what James and Jessica learned was that military towns such as Clarksville lack two very important things... Quality, and Customer Service! The next crop of Soldiers and families are coming no matter what and we all know what that means...

It was with this in mind that James and Jessica made the conscious and deliberate decision to place attention to detail and customer service above anything else.


Armed with some of the best cleaning products on the market, a desire to help others, automations for a smooth customer experience, and a team of technicians whose training focuses on the details; Pristine Clean Solutions began offering a wide variety of cleaning and maid services with one thing in mind... A "PRISTINE EXPERIENCE"  

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